Round purse (crocheted)Edit

You can use this purse to carry small things like your walet and your phone. it is alos a great fashion peice. With the pattern below you will get the  first image on the slide show.


(Note - all stitches after the first round are in the back loops except on the corners, when you crochet over the chain.) 

Front/Back (make 2) 

Round 1 - With Color A, ch 4, join with sl st. Ch 3 2 dc, ch 2 in ring. (3 dc, ch 2) 3 times, sl st into starting ch 3. Do not turn.  Round 2 - Ch 3, dc in BACK LOOPS to corner ch 2 sp (2 dc, ch 2 2dc in corner sp, dc in back loops across), rep to beg ch 3, join with sl st. Break off Color A. Do not turn. 

Round 3 - Join Color B in any ch 2 sp. Ch 3, dc, ch 2, 2 dc, (dc in back loops across, 2 dc, ch 2 2 dc in corner sp) around, join with sl st in beg ch 3. 
  • A crocheted bag
  • A round Crocheted bag
Round 4 - Join Color A, rep pattern of round 3. 

Handle (scroll down for a close-up) 

Ch 120, hdc in 3rd ch from hook, hdc in each chain to end, finish off. Starting in the center stitch on one front/back square, join handle by sc through the back loops only of the handle and the square. Sc in first 25 st to join handle, continue sc st in back loop of front/back square across top of bag. Sc in last 25 st of handle from the 2nd ch in the corner of the square back to where you joined. Join with sl st. Sl st ends of handle then around to back loop on opposite side of handle, crochet around same as for opposite side.

For a sturdier bag, line with a scrap of coordinating (shown) or contrasting fabric of the same size. Hand-stitch inside the bag below the sc round (round 4). To add a zipper, sew it to the lining before you stitch the lining in the bag, then stitch whip-stitch on the lining seam to inside of round 4.

For a longer handle, or bigger bag, simply add rounds to suit your needs, taking into account how many stitches you will need to get the handle all the way around the bag. For more depth, make the handle two or even three rows wide.

A close up of the handle, using single crochet to join.