Oatmeal container birdhouses 1 s
These are the instructions on how to make a recycled bird house. We'll always try to recycle wherever possible! Hope you enjoy


Approximate Time: 2-3 hours


  • 2 - 3 empty oatmeal containers
  • tin square 12 X 12 or heavy sandpaper
  • 4" or 5" square wood piece 1/2"
  • fake or real grapevine
  • fake vines
  • fake mushroom bird
  • thick skewers
  • acrylic paints - 2 colors
  • small bottle crackle medium
  • foam brush 1" or 2"
  • old scissors to cut tin
  • hot glue
  • rocks


    1. Collect 2 or 3 empty large oatmeal containers. You can also use the cardboard tube that carpet stores throw away. Place something heavy in the bottom container such as rocks.
    2. Cut out a hole or paint the hole black where the bird can enter. Glue the containers vertically. The top container will end with the lid as the top. You can glue the lids down to make the container more sturdy or keep the top one loose to store or hide valuables.
    3. When your tall cylinders are glued and dry, paint with a dark color all over. Let dry - 1/2 hour, I use a hairdryer.
    4. Apply a coat of crackle medium over dark paint. Let dry - 15 or 20 minutes.
    5. Glue the wood or a corkboard hotplate base to the bottom of the tall cylinder. Paint the whole base and cylinder with a light color. Use the foam brush quickly as the crackle will begin quickly.
    6. When dry, puncture a small hole for a 1 - 1/2" skewer just below the hole. Glue in place.
    7. When gluing the vine on, do it around and around at an angle to the bottom.
    8. Make a circle out of metal (craft type/easy to cut) and find the center. Cut 1/2 way to the center. At this point you can use a regular pen to draw shingles, etc. Take the 2 cut lines on the tin and bring together to make a roof. Glue or staple. Embellish and glue to the top of cylinders. You will have a beautiful table or floor decoration and help with the environment.
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