Paper rosesEdit

you can make a rose out of book pages! They look beutiful and they are perfect for decorations.


Note: There are many options here. To create circles, you can use sissors, paper punch or, for you lucky duckies out there who have one, a cricut personal cutter. The circles can be edged to make florettes, stained or tinted, or edged with glitter. The size of your circle will determine the size of your rosette; a 3.5" circle will yield a 1-1.5" rosette (depending upon how tight or loose you roll it). Use can use just about any wreath form type, shape and size..


I punched out 3.5" circles with my paper punch from torn book pages (full page). Note: If the pages are thin, may be best to use two pages at a time. 

I then cut the circle into the spiral, leaving a "tab" at the end. (This table is essential for securing the rosette to itself and the wreath form.)

You can draw the spiral with a pencil if you need a guide, I just winged it. The spirals don't need to be precise.

Begin rolling from the outside toward the center tab.

I just use my thumb and middle finger to start the tip and continue to roll to the center tab.

It doesn't matter how tight or loose you roll it. Generally, I ended up with a somewhat tightly rolled rose.

To loosen, I held it between my thumb and middle finger and let it unravel a bit.

Not each rose need be the same size. If you've unraveled too much, just twist it from the center to tighten.

Apply a spot of low temperature glue (careful not to burn your fingers. Even though it's "low temperature" it's still hot!).

Press the tab to the bottom of your spiral and let dry for a moment...and there you have it!

After doing a few you will become a pro at it.

These finished rosettes would also be charming on other applications such as gifts and cards.